DAY 1 - JANUARY 18, 2022
Scientific Advancements related to Nutrients and Climate Change

Nutrient Transport and Fate

Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in the Assiniboine Delta Aquifer Area

Serban Danielescu

Applying a Bayesian Framework to Track Binational Loads and Sources

Agnes Richards

Fate of Bioavailable Nutrients from Episodic Wastewater Lagoon Releases

Kristin Painter

Climate Change Implications on Hydrology

Snowpack Response in the Assiniboine-Red River Basin under Global Warming Scenarios

Rajesh R. Shrestha

Assiniboine Watershed Modelling to Predict Nutrient Loading Under BMPs and Climate Change Scenarios

Yonas Dibike


Towards a Linked Hydrological-Biogeochemical Modelling System to Assess Stressors on the State of Lake Winnipeg

Chris Spence


DAY 2 - JANUARY 19, 2022
Advancing the Knowledge of In-lake and Watershed Science

Lake Ecology

Wetland Vegetation Change in Netley Libau Marsh

Gordon Goldsborough

Distribution, Density and Biomass of Zebra mussels in Lake Winnipeg

David Depew

Numerical study on Circulation and Inter-Basin Exchanges in Lake Winnipeg

Jun Zhao

Nutrient Sources in the Watershed

Using Load Apportionment Model to differentiate Diffuse and Point Source Phosphorus Inputs to Stream

Kim Rattan

Sources of Nitrogen to Stream Food Webs in Red River Valley Tributaries

Bob Brua

Contribution of Nitrogen Sources to Streams in the Red River Valley

Kristin Painter


DAY 3 - JANUARY 20, 2022
Actions Throughout the Basin

Indigenous Engagement

Indigenous Engagement on Lake Winnipeg Basin Nutrient Issues in Treaty 4, 5,and 6, Saskatchewan

Lori Bradford

Swan Lake First Nation Watersheds Stewardship Project

Derek Kornelsen and David Scott

Building Watershed Resilience with Manitoba’s First Nations and Watershed Districts

Lynda Nicol

Nutrient Reduction

Improving Riparian Health and Grazing to Benefit Water Quality

Norine Ambrose

Wetland and Riparian Area Restoration/Enhancement Protection Program

Armand Bélanger

Application of Floating Treatment Wetland (FTW): Duckweed Phosphorus Treatment Systems in Manitoba’s Lake Winnipeg Watershed

Richard Grosshans

Innovation & Collaboration

Enhancing Capacity for Collaborative Governance in the Lake of the Woods Basin

Todd Sellers

Netley Libau Marsh Renewal

Steve Strang

Building Community-led Natural Infrastructure through the Collaborative Leadership Initiative

Richard Farthing-Nichol

Advancing Knowledge

Community Based Monitoring Program

Chelsea Lobson

Manitoba Métis Lake Winnipeg Basin Community Based Monitoring Program

Marci Riel

Land Management for Reducing Phosphorus Losses

Jian Liu